About The Ironskull Clan
Welcome to The Ironskull Clan website! Here is a little something about us!

The Ironskull Clan was made by two friends who sought out to make the greatest Dwarf/Gnome based Heavy RP/PvE guild possible! They decided to fight to prove those wrong, those who doubted the Dwarf/Gnome's and all that they stood for!
Knowing very well they would be on their own, they knew they had to stand for what they believed and show all the Alliance that the Dwarves and Gnome's were truly the backbone of the alliance.

This Military based Heavy RP guild invites all Dwarves and Gnomes looking for a place to call home. Where they can learn from each other and fight besides one another. A place where their true skills will never be doubted! We invite YOU! Yes YOU! To be part of one of the greatest Clans in all of Dwarf and Gnome history!
Guild Ranks: 

Thane – Guild Leader
General – Guild Co-Leader
Captain – Officers & Division Commanders

Special Ranks:
Ambassador: Member who handle's all OOC and IC alliances between The Ironskull Clan and other guilds.
Iron Binder: A healer/mender who helps those who are injured, whether they be ally or foe.
Ironbeard – Longtime members with outstanding RP skill.
Iron Guard – Personal Guard to the Thane and Generals after completing an epic quest assigned by the Thane

Regular Ranks:
Ironbrand – Veteran members who attend events regularly and show great RP experience.
Warbrand – Wildhammer inspired rank granted to those who attend events and contribute to the guild by supplying uniforms, gold, or other materials.
Recruit – granted to those who have shown their loyalty to the guild.
Thrall – An OOC rank for new members.
1. Respect those of higher ranks
2. We have NO tolerance to DRAMA
3. If you are inactive for a month or longer with no reason as to why you will be Gkicked however you may come back when you return.
4. ERP away from RP events. You may do it. We don't care. Just away from younger eye's. :P
5. Enjoy yourself!
Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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